21 Mixed Moments from the Wild World of Tinder

21 Mixed Moments from the Wild World of Tinder

You can never be sure what you’re gonna get when you get thousands of judgemental horny people and put them all on one app. But hey, that’s the wild world of tinder. There are some successes, some outrageous failures, but mostly really dumb puns.

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    So I guess she’s a flat earther?

    tinder - Text - @ 100 % l T-Mobile Wi-Fi 9:13 AM maya YOU SUPER LIKED MAYA ON 6/18/19 Hey! What's a flat earther's greatest fear? Tuesday 11:56 PM falling off Yesterday 9:04 AM Sphere itself Sent Today 1:37 AM shut the fuck up you piece of shit don't EVER say sphere to me again Send Type a message GIF

  • tinder - Text - Karly Today Daddy How's it going champ? Wyd Thinking about throwing around the ol' pig skin, you interested? U big? I usually regulation size football use a We can start off with one of them Nerf footballs if that's more your speed Delivered Type a message... Aa Send GIF

  • tinder - Text - Bethan 21 Manchester Metropolitan University 16 kilometres away are u gonna say howdy back or are we gonna have a I fuckin problem here partner (EN

  • tinder - Text - ll LTE 12:21 Chat Profile I love your hair. Red is my favorite color Wed, Jul 3, 11:25 PM I wish it was natural lol Thu, Jul 4, 12:51 AM Well I think it's gorgeous Thanks you can play with it if you want lol Yesterday, 1:32 AM Lol it wouldn't be the only thing l'd play with What else would you play with Your emotions Send a message Send

  • tinder - Text - Today 8:24 pm can i please use your penis for scientific research? Are you studying microbiology? Sent

  • tinder - Text - 49%| 21:53 Charis Ooh a match! I'll Charis this moment forever. 2 min. ago Shit joke Charis 1 min. ago You're shit, Charis. Sent GIF Send a message... V

  • tinder - Text - 3:18 Jenna 25 Dog Nanny Nursing School Lives in Warren 17 miles away Just looking for a solid 7.5 who can make me laugh, does not have

  • tinder - Text - n AT&T @ 100% 09:40 AVE Mia YOU MATCHED WITH MIA ON 7/3/19 Pics of any kind huh? Can you send me a pic of an otter but wearing a hot dog bun or something cuz they're basically just water sausages Today 09:38 flirting relationship: $50 a week relationship with pics: $75 a week & for every additional pic you want $5 per pic VE Okay but what about the otter Sent Send Type a message GIF

  • tinder - Text - Sofie Quinta-Feira 21:12 Hej Sofie, your smile is contagious haha. So, did you match with me for the exclusive Pokemon facts, or for the Portuguese drink tasting? Sábado 00:31 Haha def for the Pokemons! Sábado 13:22 Did you know that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew? Hoje 09:41 I know, I was speech less for days too when I found out Enviado

  • tinder - Bird - Want to order pizza? I don't eat cheese Crow of judgement For medical reasons lol Delivered You should have stated how weak your bloodline was in your tinder bio official.agnew

  • tinder - Text - 23% 1:01 Alexis Today 12:33 AM hey wanna hear a really shitty joke Today 12:54 AM Yes Imaoo why do hospitals have air conditioning to make sure that people don't get overheated and dehydrated also to keep the vegetables cool and fresh what vegetables Type a message... GIF

  • tinder - Text - 55% 12:01 PM Samantha Today 11:45 AM Hey bb Нeya Can you turn your Dflat into a D# for me As long you're not A Minor as Sent Type a message... GIF

  • tinder - Text - l Vodafone.de 6:14 23* Game Design etres away The great white shark has a mating call that can be heard 40 km away. I have a Tinder profile with a range of 100km. Suck on that you stupid shark and your million years of evolution. Me: 1 Great White Shark: 0 kinky, I em ca'

  • tinder - Text - YOU MATCHED WITH NALA ON 6/21/19 Hey what's up? did u go to elementary school cause if u did u were a dickhead How come? Can you give like a reason as to why? Today 4:12 PM u snitched on me once you never shared ur jelly beans

  • tinder - Text - l Scarlet Facebook 16:14 36% 30% 16:14 Marie-Sophie Marie-Sophie SHUFFLE JE MATCHTEMET MARIE-SOPHIE OP BIp/9 Do You Want To I think my spotify is broken because I don't see you in o the

  • tinder - Text - * N X #. 76% 11:31 AM Deja Today 11:18 AM How many pick up lines do you get about Deja vu Surprisingly i think its only ever happened once How many pick up lines do you get about Deja vu l applaud you on the execution of this pick up line 5/5 stars Type a message... GIF

  • tinder - Text - ll Verizon 5:07 PM 92% Today 4:48 PM Third Wow small talk is boring do you wanna smash or what Sent Lol when and where? Type a message Send T dont know how but yon ued He Wang forma un 9at the comert anSw -o.14-t00t 73 ss -O. 14 1.03

  • tinder - Text - 9:15 YouTube YOU MATCHED WIT ON 6/30/19 We've matched before Today 8:00 PM Oh have we? Do you remember my opener? You asked me if I'd sit on your face and watch Harry potter Ahhh. That sounds like me for sure

  • tinder - Toilet - Shogo 29 i El Camino College 2,686 miles away

  • tinder - Clothing - 17:21 Search Норе 23 96 kilometer(s) away The p is silent at night SHARE HOPE'S PROFILE AT ND

  • tinder - Text - @ 14% Skinny 10:10 PM Grace Ooof so Jesus gave you a bit of everything Today 9:08 PM Hahahahaha basically, pretty SO much human Wanna know the difference between me and Jesus tho? Today 9:47 PM Hahaha sure go for it Jesus was full of Grace, where as Grace is about to be full of me I applaud that W Type Send a message.. GIF

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