WATCH: SpaceX launch sends 3D printer, supplies to ISS

WATCH: SpaceX launch sends 3D printer, supplies to ISS

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Transcript for SpaceX launch sends 3D printer, supplies to ISS

We should. Liftoff that felt that night rocketed this Dragon Spacecraft. On the heels of the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo eleven’s returns with a little. Sooners fans in some rides. An International Space Station. What a Mexican children. Eco. Thirtieth separation confirmed. There goes the booster. Which is coming back to list here to Kate empire state to a boost. There was great shock booster company. There’s wanted to project an. At this point both the boost back burn in the end she burn have been. Big as it does landing like the flying. This didn’t. Good stood of the the Philippine there have been. There.

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{“duration”:”1:16″,”description”:”A space capsule carrying a 3D printer to make human tissue and about 5,000 pounds of supplies is on its way to the International Space Station.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/Technology”,”id”:”64578429″,”title”:”SpaceX launch sends 3D printer, supplies to ISS”,”url”:”/Technology/video/spacex-launch-sends-3d-printer-supplies-iss-64578429″}

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